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Census Data Profiles (Part of Cornerstone libguide): Census Data Profiles

Supplemental page for the ACU Cornerstone libguide to explain how to create a Census Data Profile using American Factfinder

American Factfinder Data Profile

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How You Can Use Census Data

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To Find Out …                                                                      Use …



What does an American household look like?


    Single parent?



Households by Type


Marital Status


How common is education for Americans?  Is the U.S. an educated population?  What does this say about how the U.S. values education?

School Enrollment

Educational Attainment

What is an American in terms of where people are from?

What countries?  Are they citizens?

Is immigration to the U.S. increasing or decreasing?

Is the U.S. homogeneous or diverse in terms of ancestry?  How could this affect American culture?

Place of Birth

Citizenship Status

Year of entry

Language Spoken at Home

Ancestry by Country



What is the economic well-being of the U.S?

  How many are employed?

  Do both parents work?

  What industries and occupations?

Employment status



What is the average income

      Per person?

      Per family?

How many have benefits like health insurance?

Income and Benefits

Health Insurance Coverage

How many live at or below poverty level?  What does this say about equitable distribution of resources?

Percentage of Families and People Whose Income is Below Poverty Level




If the American dream is to own a house, how many people own one?

Housing Occupancy

Housing Tenure

Quality of living quarters


    Number of people per room

    Old house or new house?

    Adequate facilities?



Year Structure Built

Occupants per Room


Selected Characteristics

How many cars does the average family have?

Vehicles Available

How much do Americans value the quality of their house?  How much are they willing to spend on it?

Selected Monthly Owner Costs as a Percentage of Household Income




Is there such thing as a typical American?




Is the population aging or getting younger?  How might this affect America’s perspective?


Many people seem to identify themselves as multi-racial (dramatic change from 10 years ago).  What does this say about personal identity?


Race Alone or in Combination




Quick overview


Interprets the numbers.  Helps you know how to talk about the data with words and graphs.