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Political Science: Web Search Tools

ACU Library resources in political science including online databases, online journals, and web sites.


Use these search engines to focus on reports from government and quasi-government agencies and research groups.

GoogleGov: A Custom Search from ACULib

See the reports tab on the results page for especially good analysis:

CRS Reports: Congressional Research Service
Major research arm for Congress.  They provide policy, legislative, and legal analysis to congress regardless of party affiliation.  Exceptional analysis, very authoritative, and non-biased.

GAO Reports: Government Accountability Office
Known as the "congressional watchdog". Investigates the effectiveness of government programs to identify policy problems and needed changes.

CBO Reports: Congressional Budget Office
Provides Congress with biannual forecasts of the economy and how much government programs will cost. Analyze public policies especially with respect to money issues.

IGO Search -- International Government Organizations

NGO Search

Custom Search

What's included?

Think Tank Search

Think Tank Search

From Harvard Kennedy School of Government library.  Searches hundreds of U.S. and international think tanks.

Think Tanks are units within a university, foundation, advocacy group, government, or non-government organization that research public policy issues and publish their findings to inform or influence policy.  They are a key player in policy formation.

Tip:  Use Think Tank Search to search across many reports at once.  If one seems particularly relevant, go to that think tank's home page and mine it for more publications.

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