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CORE 115 Critical Thinking, Identity, Community: Find Overviews

Research guide for the research paper on identity formation.

How to Use Overviews

1.  First search Credo.  It has the most comprehensive subject coverage.

2.  Check the Overviews by Category to find other general sources.


Overviews talk generally about a topic. 

  • Give you the big-picture look.
  • Condense a big topic into a manageable chunk.
  • Show the main aspects of a topic (which you can choose from to help you narrow your paper to a specific idea)
  • Supplement your sources with other applicable research.

All Topics

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  • The academic wikipedia
  • You can cite this!

Get an overview quickly and then use the the references at the end of the article to find more in-depth books or articles.


Overviews by Category