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COMM120 Inform and Persuade

Best Bets

Stick with things that give broad overviews in a reader and audience-friendly style.

CQ Researcher
Feature-length articles on broad policy issues.  Great overview in one single place.

  • Best for ongoing issues and topics in the news.
  • Good for choosing a topic
Broad articles on hotly debated topics. Features both sides of an argument.  Poor search engine, so browse the list for best results.

  • Topic ideas for persuasive speeches


Wikipedia-like articles but with sources you can cite.  Encyclopedias, dictionaries, and images.

  • Good for basic information without overwhelming details.
  • The "academic wikipedia"


Search credible research from the federal government.  Many topics covered.

  • Very easy to use
  • Not just government
  • Good for sources that support your main points.


For when you need more details.

  • Too technical results?  Filter format to ebooks or to magazines.

Sample Search on OneSearch with limits set to full text, magazines, and ebooks