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Copyright and Fair Use

A quick overview of copyright law and fair use that may be helpful for faculty and students.


How to use this guide:

This guide is designed to give faculty and students at Abilene Christian University a basic understanding of copyright law and fair use. Copyright is a complicated topic - this guide will offer a few important highlights, but it is not exhaustive in the information it provides. 

The following is a summary of the tabs of this Libguide and how you might use them:

Copyright & Fair Use - learn about copyright basics and criteria for determining if copyrighted content can be used under "fair use"

Institutional Policies - ACU policies for faculty and students

TEACH Act - learn about the expansion of copyright as it applies to distance settings such as Canvas

Academic Integrity & Plagiarism - learn how to avoid plagiarism and to properly cite your sources

How to Find Open Content - learn how to find and use different types of content legally, without breaking copyright law

Questions/FAQ - ask us a question or browse our Frequently Asked Questions

A Quick Review

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Ask a Question

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*Disclaimer: This guide was created by a couple of librarians, not lawyers! It is not intended to replace legal counsel! Thanks for understanding.