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Google Scholar

How to maximize Google Scholar to show what you have access to.

What Google Scholar Does

Google Scholar provides a basic search for scholarly literature across many different disciplines.  It will attempt to focus on scholarly research, not just general information on the Web.

Not everything in Google Scholar is free, but it can help identify what is freely available.

Google Scholar will not show everything in the ACU Library databases, so it is not a substitute for searching the Library.  If Google Scholar finds something that would normally cost money to access but that is available to you free at ACU, then it can link to ACU so you don't have to pay.


Linking Google Scholar with ACU Library

If you are on campus or using internet from ACU, Google Scholar should automatically recognize you as a user, and these options will already be set.  You don't have to do anything.

If you are working from off-campus or are not using ACU's internet, then you will need to add a library link so Scholar will tell you what is free to you from ACU Library.

  • Go to Google Scholar
  • Click onat the top left of the screen
  • Select Settings option
  • Select Library links
  • Enter Abilene Christian University and click the Search button
  • Tick these three boxes and click Save:
    Abilene Christian University Proquest Fulltext
    Abilene Christian University - ACU Journal Finder
    Open WorldCat - Library Search
    picture of Google Scholar Library Link boxes to check












When the full text of an article is available via ACU Library, you should see a linkout to it on the right.

image of Google Scholar showing ACU Libray link