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ACU Dallas Faculty Library Guide

Library resources for ACU Dallas faculty, including adjuncts

General Information for ACU Dallas faculty

General Library Information to Know:

Finding Articles
OneSearch is the main library database students will use in their online programs. Discipline specific databases can be found on the Research & Resources page. Your ACU username and password is required to access library-subscribed content.

The Distance Learning Portal is the library home for online students (and online faculty). You might spend a few minutes getting familiar with this resource. An overview of the Distance Learning Portal, along with other video tutorials, can be found on the Library Tutorials page.


In OneSearch, you can utilize Permalinks to find articles quickly and have access to the full-text if available. You can have your students send you permalinks as well (screenshot below).

Steps for finding the Permalink to an article in OneSearch (EBSCO):

1) After going to OneSearch, click Sign In at the top (ACU username and password required)
2) Find the article in OneSearch
2) Click on the title of the article
3) Click on the chain icon on the right
4) Copy and paste the link shown above the title

Finding Journals

Chronicle of Higher Education

The Wall Street Journal

The New York Times