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Rhetoric of Pop Culture

What makes for a good text to study?

  1. Pick something that resonates with you where you can see the connection between the text and the theory.
  2. Pick something you like but that you can still view with a scholarly eye.
  3. Pick something that has generated some research.


Tip:  Get your choice approved by your professor before you spend time on the first stage of the research.

Primary Sources


cover of a graphic novel

Graphic Novels

at ACUAll Abilene Libraries

Ways to narrow:  anime, villains, comics, specific superhero (Batman, Superman, Captain American, Wonder Woman, etc.)

Location of popular magazines

Popular Magazine Collection

Located on the south wall of the Reading Commons.

Sample journals:  People, Entertainment, Health, Texas Monthly, Vanity Fair, etc.

Browse for articles, ads, images, subject content

Location of YA Fiction

Young Adult Fiction

Mostly on Reading Commons north wall

Ways to narrow:  science fiction, Newbery award winners, dystopian young adult books, popular series

Location of DVD films

Film Collection

at ACU | All Abilene Libraries

Most have call number 791 on DVD section of third floor.  Most of ACU's collection were selected for their influence in the film industry.  Browse for best selection.

Images of Life Magazine Covers

Life Magazine Archives

Documenting American culture from 1936-2000.  Known for its iconic photographs.  Covers sports, current events, politics, fashion, personalities.

Time Magazine Cover

Time Magazine Archives

"The news through people" from 1923-present.  Their Person of the Year issue depicts a person, group, or object that "for better or worse ...has done the most to influence the events of the year."