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International Business: Business Source Complete

Industry Search

How do I search for a specific Industry Code in the Business Source databases?

Industry, or NAICS Codes (North American Industry Classification System), can be found by conducting a keyword search using the searchable tag "IC" followed by a space and a keyword (usually a number) such as: Ex: IC 454111 (for the Electronic Shopping).

If you click an article title link from the Result List and look for NAICS in the Detailed Record, you will see the NAICS codes that were found for your search term.

NAICS Codes can be viewed at:

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Industry Profiles

How can I search for Industry Profiles in the Business Source Complete databases?

Business Source Complete offers approximately 1,800 quality full-text Industry Profiles (reports) from three different content providers. As of today, 1,600+ full text Industry Profiles, averaging 10-12 pages in length, are available from MarketLine. 

Numerous Industry Profiles from MarketLine will be added to BSP on an ongoing basis. These include updates to existing reports as well as new Industry Profiles. EBSCO anticipates that full-text Industry Profiles will be added regularly, as this information becomes available.

Users can limit their Result Lists to "Industry Profiles" from the Source Types facet after conducting a search query, in order to quickly retrieve this type of information source. Also, via the Advanced Search Screen, users can limit searches to Industry Profiles, and can also search by publication, to retrieve profiles from specific sources.

To limit your search to only Industry Profiles you can use this search term: PT Industry Profile