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Undergraduate Publication Opportunities

Journals and other organizations that accept submission from undergraduates

Why Publish?

This guide lists publication opportunities for undergraduates.  All sources listed are valid, scholarly journals that provide credible venues for undergraduate research.

Why publish?

Get more for your efforts.  How many people read that term paper you worked so hard to complete?  Probably only you and your professor.  If you've already written a quality term paper or produced a good scholarly work, don't waste your effort.  Submit it to a larger audience.

Gain experience and prove your skills.  Getting published requires good, formal communication skills.  Such skills make students more attractive to future employers.  For those going to graduate school, you gain experience in the editorial process of submitting manuscripts, revising submissions, and being accepted for publication.

Bolster your resume.  Having some publications under your belt shows that you have recognized knowledge, self discipline, and the capablity to product high quality work.  It is tangible evidence of what you can do and makes you stand out from other potential applicants.

Complete the research cycle.  Research doesn't end with producing a work.  Ideally, it needs to be shared with others in the field to add to the body of knowledge.

Enter the broader conversation.  Articles and published research are how scholars and practitioners stay up to date and informed.  Join the group of people in your field who are already talking about ideas.  Be part of the larger network of experts.