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Undergraduate Publication Opportunities

Journals and other organizations that accept submission from undergraduates

Tips for Authors

Most journals have a list of features that help you determine what kind of articles they accept.  Check these things out first to see if it is a good publication venue for you:

  1. Look for something called About This Journal for a summary of the subject and kind of papers the journal accepts.
  2. Look for the section Instruction for Authors or Submission Guidelines for details on article length, citation style, etc.
  3. Examine articles in past issues to see examples of what they like to publish.

When you get ready to submit, follow the journal's instructions to the letter. 

  • Do you need an abstract?  Should it be separate from the article?
  • Cover letter needed?
  • Using the journal's required style?

Journals for Political Science

Afkar:  The Undergraduate Journal of Middle East Studies
Focuses on "the study of politics, history, culture and society in the Middle East and North Africa".  The journal offers undergraduate students an interdisciplinary platform to publish original research articles and shorter essays, and welcomes submissions from a wide range of fields within the humanities and social sciences, including history, political science, anthropology, sociology, literature, art history, religious studies, and geography.

Critique:  A Worldwide Student Journal of Politics
Publishes scholarship by students of political science. The journal is recognized by American Political Science Association (APSA) .

Journal of Politics and Society
Originally established to focus on law and political science but has occasionally broadened to include the broader social sciences.  Rigourous peer review.  Solid reputation.

Journal of Undergraduate International Studies
"one of only two nationally distributed undergraduate international studies journals in the country. We seek to publish academic articles that give voice to a body of typically unseen, yet thorough and often novel, scholarship.

N.Y.U. American Public Policy Review
Biannual publication of scholarly articles from undergraduate and graduate students that propose bold, original ideas for change within local, state, or federal government in the United States. The journal is published by undergraduate students at New York University, and submissions are peer-reviewed by faculty with relevant expertise from institutions across the U.S.B

Pi Sigma Alpha Undergraduate Journal of Politics
"The Journal welcomes submissions from undergraduates of any class or major; submissions from Pi Sigma Alpha members are encouraged. The Editorial Board routinely receives honors theses, senior seminar projects, capstone projects, and other original research papers produced in or out of class."

Undergraduate Journal of Global Citizenship
Undergraduate submissions on diverse topics such as global awareness, interdependence, environmental responsibility, social justice, humanitarianism, and other themes that promote the understanding of global citizenship.