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Christian Service and Formation Online Program

Library resources for the Christian Service and Formation online program.

Web Sites

Not all online sources can be trusted; and, this is especially true for biblical studies, a field about which many non-credentialed people have unvetted opinions. To help you conduct your research for this course, as well as to aid you in your pursuit of biblical information, consult the following list of trustworthy sources. Your professor may have others he or she recommends.

Blogs, Podcasts, and Other:

Anyone can write a blog or host a podcast, and they are not peer-reviewed; therefore, they are not considered credible sources for academic papers. However, blogs and podcasts can be helpful conversation partners in sermon preparation and thinking through biblical meanings. An initial vetting of online pastors entails where she or he went to seminary. Most denominations and universities will only hire pastors and professors of biblical studies through ATS accredited seminaries.

Locate the biographical information of the author in the blog, and identify whether they graduated from one of these institutions: