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Engineering & Physics: Patent searching

ACU Library resources for engineering and physics including online databases, online journals and web sites.


Patentable things are: Useful ,Novel and Nonobvious.

When you are doing a patent search, it is not enough to see if something as been patented. You have to ensure that the item has NOT been patented. Because it's a process of elimination, it can be time consuming.

Helpful tips

- USPTO search: although there is a keyword search feature, there is no controlled vocabulary, therefore you might miss something if, for example, they used 'shield for rain' instead of 'umbrella'.

- If you start with a quick search in the USPTO, a simple way to find related patents is to find the U.S. Classification, and then do a search using that classification to find patents on the same subject.

-CPC classification example:


Patent sites

Citing Patents

Patent searching guides/ help