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General Sources for Basic Library Research: Books

General, all-purpose sources for basic library research, suitable for a variety of topics.

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When to Use a Book

Use a book when you need:

Broad, fairly thorough, overview

Sometimes you need someone to explain things to you from start to finish, or you need to know a little bit about different aspects of a topic.  A book can give that to you in one source

Example:  an overview of video games and their cultural role

Historical perspective

Books are great when the information does not change much over time.

Example:  how the civil rights movement changed America

Catalog Info

What's It For?

  • Listing of everything on the shelves in the library
  • Print books, ebooks, DVDs, CD, maps, etc.
  • No journal articles here!


  • Searches not only ACU Library but many others
  • You can check out books from other libraries!
  • Get books from other libraries sent to you via courrier by clicking Place a Hold button

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Get Books From Other Libraries

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Locating Books

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