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Doctor of Nursing Practice

Access to library resources specific to the DNP program.

Grey Literature

Grey literature is information produced on all levels of government, academia, business and industry that are not controlled by commercial publishers. Grey literature can fill in gaps in information, provide current information or perspectives and can be in different formats than most publications.

Some examples include:

  • Thesis and dissertations
  • Newsletters
  • Reports
  • Manuals
  • Symposia proceedings and conference proceedings
  • Pre prints
  • Wikis and social media

From WorldWideScience.Org (12/2008)

The AACODS Checklist is a well know and widely accepted instrument that you can use to assess what you find. It is made up of the following 6 elements:

  • Authority: Is the author credible?
  • Accuracy: Is it supported by documented and authoritative references? Is there a clearly stated methodology? Is it 'in line' with other work on the same topic
  • Coverage: Have limitations been imposed and are these stated clearly?
  • Objectivity: Can bias be detected?
  • Date: Can't find the date? Rule of the thumb is to avoid such material
  • Significance: Is it relevant? Would it enrich or have an impact on your research?

PDF of ACCODS Checklist from Flinders University