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Learn how to use the free resource management system Zotero to store, organize, and cite scholarly resources.

Zotero Proxy Redirect

Why Am I Getting Messages About Zotero Proxy Redirect? Or Why Can't I Access Library Databases With Zotero Installed?

Sometimes users experience an issue with Zotero proxy redirect settings. Here’s an explanation of what’s going on and how to fix it: 

What's causing the issue? 
The intent behind the feature is positive: Zotero is designed to try to save you time by automatically connecting you to content that requires authorization (like our library databases). Unfortunately, the technical way this feature works doesn't integrate particularly well with our system and can cause errors when trying to use our databases normally. 
How to fix it
Right click on the Zotero connector in your browser (this is the place where you would normally left click to save a source). 

  • If using Chrome, right-click and choose Options.
  • If using Firefox, right-click and choose Preferences. 
  • If using Safari, right-click on the page background and choose "Zotero Preferences"

Go to Proxies and uncheck Enable proxy redirection, as in the image below. 


Changing this setting once should permanently fix the issue (you may get messages with the ability to reenable it, but ignore them.) This will stop Zotero from interfering with the use of ACU Library databases. 
The support information above comes from 

Zotero on Mobile Devices

Can I use Zotero on a Mobile Device?

You can also download the official iOS app for your iPhone or iPad. Read more about the Zotero iOS App. There is currently no official Zotero app for Android devices. 

The mobile app can be helpful when you want to quickly save a source you come across on a mobile device or for reading and annotating articles.