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Public Speaking: Quick Background

Library research guide for homeschool students in the Abilene, TX area.


These articles are really helpful and save you an incredible amount of time.  If there is something here on your topic, you want it.  Search all of these sources for your subject because they will have different topics and different dates.

Try different words to describe your topic.  If the first way does not work, an alternative might.


legalizing marijuana

medical marijuana


Background Sources

Gather background with broad articles.  These are best for encapsulating large issues in a short yet thorough summary.

CQ Researcher @ACU
Feature articles on broad policy issues.  Great overview in one single place

Issues and Controversies @APL
Broad articles in hotly debated topics.

Opposing Viewpoints @APL
Different points of view on various debate topics

Credo @ACU
Encyclopedias, dictionaries, and images. Good for basic information without overwhelming details. Like Wikipedia but with sources you can cite.