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Public Speaking: Books, Articles, Newspapers

Library research guide for homeschool students in the Abilene, TX area.


  1. Use the Advanced Search Box on each database.
  2. Don't type a search like you would say it.  Stip out all extra words so you only have your main concepts left.
  3. Use AND to combine main ideas: (steroids) and (athletes)
  4. Think of synonyms for what you want and connect them with OR: (steroids or doping or drugs) and (athletes or sports)

Articles and Newspapers

Articles, Newspapers, and Government Publications provide current awareness and research that support your message. Use them to explore background issues as well as specific programs.

Alcon Library Catalog 
Searchable catalog for library material. Includes URLs for the full-text of ebooks and documents.

Academic Search Complete @ACU, @APL
Articles across all subjects. Contains both scholarly research and general magazines. Good starting point any time you need journal articles.

Lexis-Nexis @ACU
Most comprehensive collection of newspapers and magazines. Search thousands of news sources at once. Includes regional, U.S., and international newspapers and magazines.

NewspaperSource @APL
Newspapers from U.S. and international.  Smaller set of news than Lexis-Nexis above but still very good selection.

More choices @ACU...

More choices @APL ...

More on How to Search


Get better results by using the tips in the video.