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Off Campus Access Troubleshooting

If you are having trouble accessing the library's resources from off campus, please read these suggestions.

Firewalls & Proxy


If accessing the library's resources from your place of work or business (especially school districts), you may experience a different search result screen than you get at home or you might get an firewall or Ezproxy error or a "Page Cannot Be Found." This is due to a Firewall from your workplace or business. Please contact your work or business network administrator to remove firewalls if possible.

Occasionally your internet service provider (ISP) will use firewalls for security measures. Please contact your ISP to disable these firewalls.

Sometimes your computer and/or router will have a firewall (or proxy is turned on in browser) turned on that needs to be turned off. To use library databases or the library catalog, allow outbound traffic on port 2443 for

If this doesn't completely solve the problem you can also try opening port 2048.

Please note: Names might look different depending on your version of Windows:

Control Panel -> View Network Status and Tasks -> Windows Firewall -> Turn Windows Firewall On or Off


To turn off proxy settings in Chrome:

Chrome menu -> Settings -> Show Advanced Settings -> Change Proxy Settings -> LAN Settings -> Uncheck the box "Use a Proxy Server for your LAN" if checked -> Check the box "Automatically detect settings"

To turn off proxy settings in Firefox:

Firefox menu -> Options -> Advanced tab -> Network tab -> Settings -> Select "No proxy" option or "Use system proxy settings" option -> Click "OK" twice