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ACU Library Policies: ILL Policies

ACU Library Policies

ILL Probation Notice

NOTICE: As of January 1, 2018, there will be a change in Interlibrary Loan policy. Patrons who are found to consistently keep ILL books overdue will be placed on “ILL Probation,” allowing them to request only one Interlibrary Loan book at a time (article requests will be unaffected). This probation will last one semester for the first offense, one year for the second offense, and will be permanent upon the third offense.

ILL Overdue Policies

For Interlibrary Loan (ILL) items borrowed from other libraries, automated email notifications are sent 3, 7, and 14 days after the due date. At the final (14-day) overdue notification, a $100.00 bill is placed on your library account, blocking you from checking out books on the local system and from submitting ILL requests. After receiving this notice, you have one week to return the overdue book(s) before the $100.00 bill is actually billed to your Banner account.

The $100.00 bill is a placeholder and does not reflect a final charge. If you return the book before it is billed to the Banner account, the entire bill is cancelled. If you return the book after it is billed to the Banner account but before the ACU library has to compensate the owning library for the lost book, you are required to pay only a $15.00 processing fee.
If you do not return the book, or if the book is permanently lost, the ACU library will work with the lending library to determine what the lost charge will be, dependent on the lending library's policy (some libraries charge only the cost of replacement; some charge a flat lost book fee which can be greater than $100.00.) You are charged whatever the lending library charges us plus the $15.00 processing fee. If you have not returned the ILL book by this time, you will be notified by email the date when ACU would compensate the library for the lost book and what the charge to you would be. After ACU has paid the other library, charges billed to you will be completely non-refundable.
Damaged books borrowed from other libraries are dependent upon the owning libraries' policies. Keeping other libraries' books overdue can damage our library's reputation with other libraries and make it more difficult for you and other ACU users to borrow books in the future. Some blocking, unblocking, and billing is done manually, so you are encouraged to email or contact the library if you experience a delay in resolving issues after returning overdue books.

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