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Resources for Researchers

Provides links and citations to articles, books, e-books on general research, qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods, action research, and more.


The library database, ebrary, has several books on action research.

Coghlan, D. & Brannick, T. (2010). Doing action research in your own organization (3rd ed.). Sage Publications. (Partially available through Google Books)

Efron, S. E. & Ravid, R. (2013). Action research in education: A practical guide. New York, NY: Guilford. (Partially available through Google Books) (read a review of this here:

Herr, K. & Anderson, G. L. (2005). The action research dissertation: A guide for students and faculty. Sage Publications. (ACU login required)

McNiff, J. & Whitehead, J. (2011). All you need to know about action research (2nd ed.). Sage Publications. (Partially available through Google Books)

Mertler, C. A. (2012). Action Research: Improving schools and empowering educators (3rd ed.). Sage Publications. (Partially available through Google Books)

Mills, G. E. (2011). Action research: A guide for the teacher researcher (4th ed.). Pearson.

Noffke, S. & Somekh, B. (2009). The sage handbook on educational action research. Sage Publications. (ACU login required)

Pine, G. J. (2009). Teacher action research:  Building knowledge democracies. Sage Publications.

Reason, P. & Bradbury, H. (2008). The sage handbook on action research:  Participative inquiry and practice (2nd ed.). Sage Publications. (ACU login required)

Sagor, R. (2010). The action research guidebook: A four-stage process for educators and school teams (2nd ed.). Corwin. (Partially available through Google Books)

Stringer, E. T. (2013). Action research (4th ed.). Sage Publications. (This is participatory AR) (Partially available through Google Books)


  • i.e.: inquiry in education—A primary, peer-reviewed, open-access journal devoted to practitioner research, published by The Center for Practitioner Research at National Louis University
  • Action Research—A primary, peer reviewed, international, interdisciplinary journal, part of the Sage Journals.
  • Educational Action Research—A primary, peer-reviewed, international journal “concerned with exploring the dialogue between research and practice in educational settings.” Published by Routledge.
  • International Journal of Action Research