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Animal Science Research

Sources, tips, and methods for doing research in Animal Science.

Checklist for Scientific Articles

  1. Did the author(s) do the actual research?
  2. Are the authors' credentials stated?  Are they someone with expertise?
  3. Does it appear in a known journal or from a credible research agency?
  4. Is there a sizeable list of references?
  5. Do the authors assume you are familiar with the topic?
  6. Is it challenging or technical to read?

If so, you've probably found a credible, scholarly scientific paper.

Start Broadly: OneSearch

OneSearch searches most of the library's books and ejournals from one search box.  If you need to find specific items, use the Advanced Search option for more precise searching.


ACU Library OneSearch

Advanced Search



  • Search using AND and OR
  • Use synonyms liberally (cows or cattle or bovine)
  • Limit to Full-text and/or scholarly peer reviewed articles


Specialized Databases for Animal Science