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Animal Science Research

Sources, tips, and methods for doing research in Animal Science.

JAS Stye Instructions

JAS General Instructions to Authors
Structure of paper, general citation examples, style guidelines

JAS Detailed Instruction to Authors
See p.11 for more citation examples

JAS Journal Abbreviations

JAS uses specific abbreviations for journal titles, not the full name of the journal.  This means you may have to find the abbreviation for the journals you found during your research.

Journal Abbreviation Lookup (NLM catalog)

JAS uses ISO abbreviations that NLM uses. 

Journal Articles

Last name, Initials, Initials Last name, Initials Last name. Year. Article title, sentence style capitalization. Abbreviated journal title volume(issue, if available):pages. DOI for article published after 2005.


Perez, V. G., A. M. Waguespark, T. D. Bidner, L. L. Southern, T. M. Fakler, T. L. Ward, M. Steidinger, and J. E. Pettigrew. 2011. Additivity of effects from dietary copper and zinc on growth performance and fecal microbiotia of pigs after weaning. J. Anim. Sci. 89:414–425. doi:10.2527/ jas.2010-2839

Books and Chapters


Author. Year. Title using sentence capitalization. Edition, if available. Publisher's name, publisher's location.


AOAC. 1990. Official methods of analysis. 15th ed. Assoc. Off. Anal. Chem., Arlington, VA.

NRC. 2000. Nutrient requirements of beef cattle. 7th rev. ed. Natl. Acad. Press, Washington, DC.

Book Chapter

Last name, Initials, Initials Last name, and Initials Last name. Year. Chapter title using sentence capitalization. In: editor. Book title using sentence style capitalization. Publisher's name, Publisher's location. pages.


Robinson, P. H., E. K. Okine, and J. J. Kennelly. 1992. Measurement of protein digestion in ruminants. In: S. Nissen, editor, Modern methods in protein nutrition and metabolism. Academic Press, San Diego, CA. p. 121–127.

Conference Proceedings

Conference Proceedings

Author last name, Initials, Second author initials, Last name, Third author initials, Last name. Year. Title of paper in sentence capitalization. Name of the Proceedings volume:pages.


Bailey, E. A., J. R. Jaeger, J. W. Waggoner, G. W. Preedy, L. A. Pacheco, and K. C. Olson. 2012. Effect of weaning method on welfare and performance of beef calves during receiving. Proc. West. Sec. Amer. Soc. Anim. Sci. 63:25-29.

Electronic Publications

Website, Electronic-Only Government Report

FDA. 2014. Approved animal drug products online (Green Book).
default.htm (Accessed 26 December 2014.)

JAS Electronic supplements
Galyean, M. L. and P. J. Defoor. 2003. Effects of roughage source and level on intake by feedlot cattle. J. Anim. Sci. 81(E. Suppl. 2):E8–E16.

Electronic-Only Journal Article

Heaton, M. P., T. S. Kalbfleisch, D. T. Petrik, B. Simpson, J. W. Kijas, M. L. Clawson, C. G. Chitko-McKown, G. P. Harhay, K. A. Leymaster, and
the International Sheep Genomics Consortium. 2013. Genetic testing for TMEM154 mutations associated with lentivirus susceptibility in
sheep. PLoS ONE 8(2): e55490.

Don't See the Example You Need?

Check the JAS Detailed Instruction to Authors (p. 11) for more examples or ask the library.