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ACU College of Business Administration Professional Development Resources

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Jasmine McCabe-Gossett


Hi! My name is Jasmine McCabe-Gossett and I oversee the professional development and internship program in the College of Business Administration.


Office : Mabee Business Building, 132 

Email: jcj05c@acu.edu

Phone: 325-674-2427

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About COBA

COBA Mission 

We educate business and technology professionals for Christian service and leadership throughout the world.


COBA’s professional development program gives students access to an in-house career center. Starting freshman year, business and technology students have access to the following :  

  • Exploring Career Options
  • Practicing Job Skills
  • Finding Internships
  • Securing Employment 

Intentionality is key in your preparation to compete for internships and jobs as you advance toward your degree and jobs. Let's get started!