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Criminal Justice: Quick Reference

Library resources and research tips for Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, and Policing topics.


Series:  Key Issues in Crime and Punishment

Each volume contains good chapters on key subtopics.  Gives subtopic introduction, overview, and pro and con discussion.  Very readable language. 

Other Quick Sources

Search for General Overviews

Get an overview quickly and then use the the references at the end of the article to find more in-depth books or articles.

Covers every major subject and is selected from a range of reference types - including general and subject encyclopedias, dictionaries, biographies, bibliographies, chronologies, handbooks, atlases, and more. In addition to allowing individual searches for topics you are researching, includes a large number of already prepared topic pages.

Search Government Reports and Websites

This tool maintained by Laura Baker.

Online Reference

For other e-book with quick reference information, try this link:

Overview of the Criminal Justice System

Chart of the Criminal Justice SystemClick image to enlarge

    Steps in the justice system, from arrest to pre-trial to adjudication to sentencing to corrections.

    Concise, easy-to-read definitions