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Criminal Justice: Law Quick Reference

Library resources and research tips for Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, and Policing topics.

Justice System Overviews

Criminal Law 101

Criminal Law: 101

Provides an overview of the criminal justice process following the arrest through appeal as well as general information on the rights of victims and the accused.



The Texas Criminal Justice Process:  A Citizen's Guide

Layman's guide to understanding criminal law and criminal justice in Texas:  classification of offenses, police investigation of criminal activity, process from arrest to prosecution, confinement options, community supervision and parole, rights of victims, rights of the accused, what courts handle criminal cases.




The Texas Juvenile Justice System: What You Need to Know

This guide provides youth, parent and guardians, a basic understanding about the court process and procedures, the rights and options available, penalties, resources and answers to the most frequently asked questions.



Remaining Civil: An Officer’s Guide to Responding to Non-Criminal Calls for ServiceRemaining Civil: An Officer’s Guide to Responding to Non-Criminal Calls for Service

A two-part project designed to educate officers and civilians about the civil remedies arising from common scenarios presented by emergency calls. The first part of the project consists of a Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education-certified training block that discusses the best practices for answering calls involving domestic disputes, custody disputes, evictions, repossessions, animals, and mental health commitments. The second part of the project assists citizens in dealing with non-criminal legal issues and directs them to appropriate resources to resolve them.

Key Titles for Search and Seizure


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Legal Division Handbook - Federal Law Enforcement Training Center

Legal issues directly related to law enforcement and law officers: constitutional law, search and seizure, use of force, courtroom evidence, etc. Gives explanations targeted to practical application for law enforcement personnel.




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Legal Division Reference Book - Federal Law Enforcement Training Center

Key court cases that form the basis of law governing law enforcement actions and how those have been interpreted. Great source for jargon-free explanation of what these cases mean to law enforcement personnel.





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The Constitution of the United States of America: Analysis and Interpretation - United States

Interprets court cases that affect how the constitution is applied. Fourth Amendment (Search and Seizure), Fifth Amendment, and Sixth Amendment are especially relevant to law enforcement.