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Administrative Law: FR and CFR

Guide to researching regulations

How to Read a Legal Citation

diagram of CFR citation Diagram of FR citation


Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)

sample CFR coverThe CFR lists the rules currently in force (as of the date of the volume).  These have already been published in the Federal Register and approved.  Revoked rules have been taken out.  Amended rules have been changed.

When you want to see what the current regulations are, go here.  Use the subject index in the last volume to find regulations on your topic, or use the CFR section given in a relevant rule from the Federal Register.

Final rules from the Federal Register get put in the CFR.  The CFR sections stay updated, incorporating the additions and changes made along the way.





Fifty volumes, updated periodically:

Titles Published
1-16 January 1
17-27 April 1
28-41 July 1
42-50 October 1

Where to Find the CFR

Federal Register (FR)

Federal Register coverPublished daily.

Updates the Code of Federal Regulations.

Contains background information that the CFR will not have for each regulation:  reasons, intent, costs and benefits, invitation for comments, etc.

Arranged by agency.  Know who the agencies are who affect your business, so you can browse the table of contents for any possible rules they are making.

Primary contents

For each agency

     Proposed rules

     Final rules

     Notices of rules or hearings

Back contains list of CFR sections affected.

Where to Find the Federal Register