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Administrative Law: Compiling Regulatory History

Guide to researching regulations

Regulatory History Step 1A: Instructions

1.  Find a regulation

A.  From the CFR

  • On the e-CFR, use keyword searches to identify a section relevant to your topic of interest.
  • In the print CFR, use the subject index in the last volume (very useful).
  • Once you have a section in the CFR located, you need to find where that regulation previously appeared as a final rule in the Federal Register.  You need a Federal Register citation.

    Look within the CFR's text for "source notes" for the rule.  A Federal Register citation will typically appear at the end of larger section, like a Part or a SubPart.  Occasionally it may appear after the individual provision.  Look for something like "77 FR 58945, Sept. 25, 2012".  This tells you the volume (77) and page number (598945) in the Federal Register where the final rule appeared before it was put into the CFR.

  • Look up the FR citation in the online Federal Register.

Regulatory History Step 1A: Images

screenshop of keyword search in eCFR