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Administrative Law: Opinions on Regulations

Guide to researching regulations

Search Tips

Use these tools to find articles about your regulation.  Articles tell about the impact of the rule or give opinions on the necessity of the rule.

  • May need to search for the issue, not just the specific rule
  • Articles will probably be opinionated, so consider the bias of the source.

Think Tank Search

Think Tank Search

From Harvard Kennedy School of Government library.  Searches hundreds of U.S. and international think tanks.

Think Tanks are units within a university, foundation, advocacy group, government, or non-government organization that research public policy issues and publish their findings to inform or influence policy.  They are a key player in policy formation.

Tip:  Use Think Tank Search to search across many reports at once.  If one seems particularly relevant, go to that think tank's home page and mine it for more publications.

News and articles

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