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Student Worker Technical Services Training Manual: Preparing Books

A reference guide for students working in the Technical Services Department

How to stamp and beep

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Special Collections Books

Some books are to be located in Special Collections.

These books are not to be stamped or beeped.

These books will have labels and barcodes on a gift slip.

These locations include REST, ACU AUTH, ACU ARCH, TAYLOR, and C.

Colored Labels

To help identify the type and location, some books get a colored label.

Blue Label: RELREF commentary

Red Label: RELREF general

Yellow Label: Juvenile fiction

Purple Label: Young Adult


To identify location and/or collection, we often use "prefixes" with the call number. These are typed in caps and appear first on the label.


REFDESK: Books located in the Reference section

RELREF: Books located in Religious Reference

J: Juvenile non-fiction

J F: Juvenile fiction

CURR: Items located in the curriculum collection

SCORE: Any score

COMPACT: Books located in compacat shelving

Q: Oversized books


REST: Books located in the Center for Restoration Studies

C: Special Collection

ACU AUTH: Books written by ACU people

ACU ARCH: Historical ACU items

C CURR: Historical textbooks

C TAYLOR: Hymnal collection

ARCH THESIS: Thesis collection

ARCH DMIN: Thesis (DMin.)

Stamping and Beeping

New books and gift books being added to the main collection will be stamped with our property stamp and a security strip will be placed inside the book (beeping). We always complete these two tasks on each book before moving on to the next one. If we see a book has been stamped then we assume it has been beeped as well. These tasks go together.

We stamp a book on the title page and on three sides of the closed book on the pages. Be sure to support the pages as you stamp in order to avoid a smear.

The security strip is placed deep within the gutter

What is on the floor?


First floor (lower level): 000s-900s, Fiction, Scores, Oversize books, Compact, Special Collections

Second floor (main floor): Learning Commons, Reference books, New Books (McNaughtons), Young Adult fiction, Current Periodicals

Third floor: 160s - 299 in the Stanley Reading Room, Learning Studio, AV (DVDs and CDs)

Gift Plates

Gift books must have a gift plate made if the donor information is on the slip. There is a gift plate template on the desk top of the student computer. There are 10 gift plates per sheet. Highlight the name on a gift plate and cut it. Then replace it with the name on the slip in the book. We like to do several gift plates at a time so each sheet will be filled. When the sheet is complete, print it.

The gift plates should be placed on the inside cover. Try to avoid covering writing, but sometimes there is no empty spot.

Gift Slips for Special Collections

Books that are headed for Special Collections or Center for Restoration Studies (REST) need a slip with donor information. We also stick the label on the front and the bar code on the back.

There is a template on the student computer for these gift slips. Highlight the name on the template and replace it with the name on the slip in the book. Place the prepared acid-free sheet, printed side down, top edge facing in. Then select print and the gift information will print to the other side. Use the paper cutter to cut the sheet into 4 slips (kind of tricky if you don't know your fractions).