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Student Worker Technical Services Training Manual: Special Cataloging Tasks

A reference guide for students working in the Technical Services Department


Sometimes the label on a book will become quite faded over time. Carefully remove the old label if possible. Reprint a new label and place it on the spine with a plastic label cover.


Books often need to be relocated to another part of the library or a different collection. You will find these books on the white shelf labeled RELOCATE with a slip of paper in the book which tells you where the book needs to go. Just go to the item page and change the location. Print a label with the appropriate prefix. Then, go to the bib page and change the 049 to reflect the change



Books which are selected to be discarded will be left on the white shelf labeled DISCARD. They will have slips in them with instructions such as "Weed and return to Craig," or "Discard."

Click the Circulation tab and then Check out. Type ACUDISCARD in the User ID box. Then scan or enter the bar code into the Item ID box.

Finish the task by stamping each book with the red DISCARD stamp on the top of the book pages. If any books are to be returned, place them in that librarian's basket. Place all other books on a book cart labeled Amazon books.

McNaughton Books

McNaughton books are newly published popular leased books.

We place the barcode on the card pocket in the back of the book. We stamp these books on the card pocket in the back of the book. We place the security strip in as usual.

When cataloging these non-fiction and biographies, we use the call number which is already printed on the green McNaughton label. Books of fiction will have no call number and will be given a cutter as usual. When labeling the fiction books, we trim the label so that more of the green McNaughton label shows. This helps shelvers to know that these books belong on the NEWBOOK shelf.

When cataloging these books on the item page, the location is NEWBOOK, the type is NEW-BOOK, itemcat2 is LEASEBK and there is no itemcat1. On the Bib page, put [MCN] in front of TXCC and fill in 092 or 099 as usual.