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Student Worker Technical Services Training Manual: Cataloging Tasks

A reference guide for students working in the Technical Services Department


Workflows is our Integrated Library System (ILS). We use this system to check out books, add items to the online catalog, and much, much more.

Login: acustutech

Password: tech

Basic Item Record Settings

Class Scheme: DEWEY




Finished Books Checklist

1. Are all the books stamped and beeped?

2. Is there a label on each book?

3. Do any books go to the NEWTHEO shelf?

4. Do any books go to REST?

5. Do any books go REFDESK or RELREF?

No book should ever be left in a random place for someone else to find and shelve.

Location Codes

TXCC - ACU main

TXCF - Fiction

TXCJ - Juvenile

TXCU - Juvenile Fiction

TXCK - Scores

TXCS - Center for Restoration Studies (REST)

TXCX - Special Collections


When creating a call number, the book is given a Dewey number and a cutter. If the book is a 2nd edition or more, then we add the copyright year.This will distinguish the book from an earlier edition.





When relocating items to COMPACT, type

Place hold on item in the public note on the item record.

Bibliographic Record

Here is a portion of a bibliographic record for a book. We might refer to it as the bib record. Each bibliographic record is divided logically into fields. There is a field for the author, a field for title information, and so on. Each field is associated with a 3-digit number called a "tag." A tag identifies the field -- the kind of data -- that follows. The red box (092) shows the Dewey call number with a cutter. The orange box (049) shows our library identification code which means we have a copy of this book. The yellow box (100) displays the author. The green box (245) includes the title and author. The blue box (260) identifies publishing information: place, publisher, and year. The purple box (300) gives a discription of the item. In this case, pages, illustrations, spine measurement. You will only change information in the 092 field and the 049 field.

Item Record

Here is a portion of the item record. This is where you add and change information about the item. Each colored arrow points to a drop down box or a script box. These boxes allow for changes in location, call number, type of item, and more. The red oval identifies the print button. The orange star is next to the save Dewey call number and item number.

How to Cutter

  • Book with author: type author last name into cutter program, then add the 1st letter of the title (excluding A, An, and The) at the end of the number. For example, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins would look lik this: C712H
  • Book with editor: type the first letter of the title (excluding A, An, and The) with no end letter.
  • Every item must have its own unique call number. If Workflows tells you the call number has already been used, then add the next letter of the author's name to the cutter. For example: Wemberly Worried, by Kevin Henkes and A Weekend with Wendell, by Kevin Henkes. The cutter for Henkes is H513. The complete cutter for Wemberly Worried is H513W. So, in the case of A Weekend with Wendell, begin with H513W and add E which is the second letter in the word weekend. The complete cutter would then be H513WE.

How to Catalog and Label a Book