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Student Worker Technical Services Training Manual: Library Fun Stuff

A reference guide for students working in the Technical Services Department

The Hip Hop Librarians of RRISD @ TLA

Yes, these ladies are real librarians!

You'll never know...your ACU librarians might break into song at any moment!

Quotable Facts About America's Libraries


o 62% of adults in the U.S. have public library cards (Harris 2010 survey) 

o Americans go to school, public and academic libraries nearly three times more often than they go to the movies.

o Reference librarians in the nation’s public and academic libraries answer nearly 5.7 million questions weekly. Standing single file, the line of questioners would span from Long Island, New York, to Juneau, Alaska.

o A 2009 poll conducted for the American Library Association found that 96% respondents agreed that public libraries play an important role in giving everyone a chance to succeed because it provides free access to materials and resources.


o Academic librarians answer 56.1 million reference questions each year—reaching almost 10 million more than attend college football games.

o College libraries receive just less than six cents of every dollar spent on higher education.

o If the cost of People magazine had risen as fast as the cost of academic library periodicals since 1990, it would cost about $182 for a one-year subscription.

o There are 542 students enrolled for every librarian in U.S. 2– and 4-year colleges and universities in 2008, as compared with 4.3 students for each teaching faculty member. 

Sources: ALA Office for Research & Statistics, ALA Public Information Office.  All facts compiled in2009.

The Music Man: Marian the Librarian

I just like this song. :)