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A Resource Guide for Nursing Students and Faculty

HESI Entrance and Exit Exams

What's the HESI like? Read about it here.


Since you know that you will have an important evaluation at the end of the semester, begin preparing right away.

Remember that effective remediation will lead to a higher score.

Consider this test a measure of what you know so far.

Stay positive and learn more.

You can learn to take the HESI well!


>950 – OUTSTANDING probability of passing
900-940 – EXCELLENT probability of passing
850-899 – AVERAGE probability of passing
800-849 – BELOW AVERAGE probability of passing
750-799 – Additional preparation needed
700-749 – Serious preparation needed
650-699 – Grave danger of failing
<649 – Poor performance expected.

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How do I prepare for the HESI A2 Entrance Exam? The more you know...

The best way to study for your HESI Exit Exams is to answer NCLEX style questions in the subject area.

Test and retest = Retrieval Practice = Evidence-Based Study Strategy

The HESI Exit Exams are used by many Nursing schools to evaluate a student’s readiness for their NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN exams.