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Wylie High School Poetry Research Paper: Books

Resources and databases in which you will find great information for your research paper.

Finding Books

1. Find your poet's Dewey number and write it down.

2. Go downstairs to the basement.

3. Walk down the middle aisle. Notice the numbers on the ends of the shelves.

4. You will find the 800s on your left.

5. Find your poet's books.        


Reference Books

How To Search The Catalog For A Book

Dewey Numbers For Your Poets


Angelou, Maya                                                                              816.28584

Auden, W. H.                                                                                 829.141899

Bishop, Elizabeth                                                                          827.001636

Blake, William                                                                               827.001636

Browning, Elizabeth Barrett                                                       828.001885

Browning, Robert                                                                         828.001886

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor                                                            827.001693

Dickinson, Emily                                                                           814.01554

Donne, John                                                                                  823.007685

Eliot, T.S.                                                                                        829.141043

Emerson, Ralph Waldo                                                                814.04053

Frost, Robert                                                                                 815.41939

Keats, John                                                                                    827.001025

Kipling, Rudyard                                                                           829.123057

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth                                                  814.01853

Plath, Sylvia                                                                                  815.41716

Poe, Edgar Allan                                                                           813.01743

Pound, Ezra                                                                                   815.21876

Sandburg, Carl                                                                              815.48231

Stevens, Wallace                                                                          815.41844

Swenson, May                                                                              815.41 S974T

Tennyson, Alfred Baron                                                              828.001312

Whitman, Walt                                                                             814.01615

Yeats, W.B.                                                                                     828.001039

How To Find Useful Criticism For Your Poem Inside A Book