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Wylie High School Poetry Research Paper: List of Poems by Author

Resources and databases in which you will find great information for your research paper.

List of Poems by Author


Angelou, Maya                                                  Harlem Hopscotch

Auden, W. H.                                                    September 1, 1939

Bishop, Elizabeth                                               The Fish

Blake, William                                                   The Lamb

Blake, William                                                   The Tyger

Browning, Elizabeth Barrett                                Sonnet 43

Browning, Robert                                               My Last Duchess

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor                                    The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Dickinson, Emily                                                Because I Could not Stop for Death

Dickinson, Emily                                                I Felt a Funeral, In My Brain

Donne, John                                                      Holy Sonnet 10 (Death, Be Not Proud)

Donne, John                                                      A Valediction:  Forbidding Mourning

Eliot, T.S.                                                          The Hollow Men

Eliot, T.S.                                                          Journey of the Magi

Eliot, T.S.                                                          The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

Emerson, Ralph Waldo                                        Concord Hymn

Emerson, Ralph Waldo                                        The Rhodora

Frost, Robert                                                      Acquainted with the Night

Frost, Robert                                                      After Apple-Picking

Frost, Robert                                                      Birches

Frost, Robert                                                      The Death of the Hired Man

Frost, Robert                                                      Fire and Ice

Frost, Robert                                                      Mending Wall

Frost, Robert                                                      Nothing Gold Can Stay

Frost, Robert                                                      Out, Out—

Frost, Robert                                                      The Road Not Taken

Frost, Robert                                                      Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

Keats, John                                                        Bright Star!  Would I Were as Steadfast as Thou Art

Keats, John                                                        Ode to a Nightingale

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth                              Arsenal at Springfield

Lord Tennyson, Alfred                                         Ulysses

Plath, Sylvia                                                       Mushrooms

Poe, Edgar Allan                                                 Annabel Lee

Poe, Edgar Allan                                                 The Raven

Pound, Ezra                                                        In a Station of the Metro

Sandburg, Carl                                                   Chicago

Sandburg, Carl                                                   Cool Tombs

Stevens, Wallace                                                Of Modern Poetry

Swenson, May                                                    The Centaur

Tennyson, Alfred                                                 Ulysses

Whitman, Walt                                                    I Hear America Singing

Yeats, W.B.                                                         The Second Coming

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